Where heart meets experience

Dominic le Roux currently works as a human factors practitioner and strives to always make a difference in her community.
Mariselle Stofberg
Mariselle Stofberg

With her heart of gold, fierce determination to make a difference in the lives of others and ability to persevere, Dominic le Roux continues to touch the hearts of all those she works with.

This proud Namibian, who hails from Windhoek, consults at Namibia Health Risk Solutions as a human factors practitioner.

She matriculated from Delta Secondary School Windhoek and thereafter completed a four-year BSc sport science degree at Stellenbosch University, after which she completed an honours degree in biokinetics. She later attained an MSc in sport science, again from Stellenbosch University.

Le Roux also had the privilege to study abroad, where she graduated with an MSc Ergonomics (Human Factors) degree from Loughborough University in England.

“I had my own biokinetics practice from 2010 to 2017 where I practised one-on-one orthopaedic rehabilitation. I also worked as a sport scientist and monitoring specialist for Namibia Rugby from 2016 to 2019 and currently I consult at Namibia Health Risk Solutions.”

At Namibia Health Risk Solutions, Le Roux supports a team in establishing agility centres across Namibia. “Agility orthopaedic centres provide a multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation of neck, back and other orthopaedic conditions. We use the research-based DBC Global (International) protocols and advanced machines to treat our patients.”

Le Roux works alongside medical practitioners, including specialists, general practitioners, physiotherapists and biokineticists and provides support to administrative staff at each centre.

“I approach all aspects of my tasks with the knowledge I have gained over the years in practice and through studies. This often includes applying small changes to help support the building of an organisational culture where we believe that patients are our priority (patient-centric approach),” she says.

For Le Roux, focus plays a crucial role in her daily tasks. “I have ‘to do’ lists for everything and face each challenge diligently. I also make sure that I take care of myself by keeping mentally and physically fit, to perform optimally.”

Le Roux was part of the Namibian cycling management team at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the Namibian rugby management team for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. She was a Namibian gymnast and competed at the World Youth Games in Moscow in 1998 and was part of the Namibian team that won third place at the All African Games in 1999.

She enjoys camping, being in nature, walking barefoot on the beach and having a nice plate of sushi at Cape Town Fish Market.

“People who have a dream and work hard to realise it, whilst loving what they do, inspires me on a daily basis.”

She has had multiple careers, but has always been motivated by helping others and thinking outside of the box. “My favourite part of all is to work with people and being proud of what I do, no matter how small a difference it makes.”