Spectacular battles at SALT Showdown

Amateur boxing
Otis Daniels
Twenty-two talented amateur fighters from the coastal towns clashed in the highly anticipated SALT Showdown at Swakopmund last Saturday.

The inaugural edition of the social boxing event organised by Namib Boxing Academy (NBA) in conjunction with Club SALT, featured 11 fights and a crowd challenge that added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as spectators filled the venue to capacity. The boxers brought their A-game and demonstrated exceptional determination as they battled it out in the ring.

The fights were nothing short of spectacular and captivated the audience with their courage and sportsmanship. From lightning-fast exchanges to powerful knockouts, each fight delivered a unique blend of skill, strategy and heart-pounding action.

The renowned young martial artist Delano Müller acted as the main referee for the bouts.

The crowd challenge which allowed some spectators to step into the ring to test their mettle against each other was a highlight. This allowed fans to experience the adrenaline rush of boxing first-hand and these contestants had the audience on their feet.

As the final bell rang and the last fight concluded, the cheers and applause reverberated throughout Club SALT, marking the end of a truly unforgettable evening of boxing action.

Philip Müller, owner of NBA, reckons a new standard has been set for social boxing events in the region and that organisers will do their best to continue hosting such events in future.

“These 11 thrilling fights, with 22 exceptional fighters and a crowd challenge kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

“Club SALT and NBA have certainly raised the bar for future competitions, promising even more excitement and memorable moments for boxing enthusiasts.”

Müller declared The SALT Showdown a massive success, not only showcasing the talent and dedication of the boxers from Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, but also uniting the community in a celebration of the sport.


In the preliminary fights, Nella Bronn defeated Ziandri Wille, Tinaki Haungeya defeated Selvane Araes, Ryan Roux defeated Stepahuns du Toit, Jesaya Paulus defeated William Cookson and Prince Ndapopile defeated Lamont Coraizin.

In the main card fights, Ethan Hendricks defeated Jaydee Olivier, Jaycee Steenkamp defeated Richard Deck, Peter Mavulo defeated Jonathon Groenewald, Koos Blaauw defeated Leclue Louw and Martin-Ryan Nel defeated Louis van Rooyen.