KBA preliminary games completed

Preliminary games for KBA cup completed over the weekend
The quarter-finals will take place from 15 July to 17 July at the KBA Cup home grounds at the UN Plaza.
Jemimah Ndebele
The Khomas Basketball Association (KBA) rounded up the preliminary games of the KBA cup that started on 4 Jun. The preliminary cup games, in which a total of seven female and 18 male basketball teams participated, took place over the course of six weekends at the United Nations (UN) Plaza in Katutura. The state-of-the-art indoor basketball gymnasium at the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS) hosted the last two series of preliminary games with teams such as the TBA Silverswords, NUST Gladiators and the UNAM Wolves, to name a few.

The NUST Dodgers lost to the TBA Silverswords by seven points after an intense game. These results were followed by a 70-point loss by the UNAM Cats to the UNAM Sparks. The UNAM Phoenix team bagged a 69 to 41 win against the Legends.

“The Quality Basketball Club (QBC) team is known to be a good team and I am excited to play against them. The crowd is energetic, the ambience is lively,” said NUST Gladiators player, Shinavene Shali-ooli, before their 36-42 point loss against QBC.

Going forward

The quarter-finals will take place from 15 July to 17 July at the KBA Cup home grounds at the UN Plaza.

“Basketball is an indoor sport and DHPS has one of the best indoor basketball courts in the country.

“Unfortunately, due to financial strains, it is not easy to get this court. We were lucky to get the court for the final preliminary games, which is just a trial to promote the game and to let people see it from a different perspective, instead of having it at the regular home grounds, which is the UNAM gym hall and also the Katutura UN Plaza. The UN Plaza is the home of the KBA cup and the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals,” KBA vice-president, Carlos Manuel, explained.

The semi-finals and finals – usually the showcase of the best of five games and the best of seven games - will be sponsored by petroleum giant Vivo Energy.