Oshakati SS empowering women's football

Winning, one game at a time
Over the past six months, the girls' team has taken part in 12 tournaments, securing four first-place trophies and 144 medals.
Iyaloo Ndume
Football plays a pivotal role in empowering girls and women, breaking gender barriers and improving self-esteem worldwide.

After winning nine tournaments, Oshakati Secondary School's girls' football team aims to reach the next level. Over the past six months, they have participated in 12 tournaments, securing four first-place trophies and 144 medals, including 54 gold, 54 silver, and 36 bronze.

Powerful game

Not many people recognise women's football or understand the importance of it.

"Women also want to be seen as future leaders, and some of us want to start our own football teams in our villages and other rural areas just to empower young females in football," the captain of the team, Kaindume Julia, said.

Oshakati SSS girls have been showing passion and determination towards football, as this is their way of showing their love for the sport. They not only attend tournaments to win trophies, but they also use these opportunities to showcase their talent and show younger girls that women can also do it.

Women's football stands for more than just a game; it represents progress and serves as a reminder that gender can never hinder success.