Striving to emerge victorious

Growing and serving
Administration supervisor Christofina Dishena takes on a new role at Pupkewitz Motors
Wetumwene Shikage
Christofina Dishena is an administration supervisor at Pupkewitz Motors. Her job entails supervising staff, monitoring accounts, attending meetings, reporting, assisting and supporting staff and clients based on specific needs.

Deciding to work for a new company may be tricky, but Dishena said selecting companies where growth and exposure are available for employees is essential. She believes one must always have a way to better themselves and grow within the business.

Some of her biggest accomplishments are gaining new skills and working experience within the organisation.

“My level of experience has been great. Some decisions I made in my career did not benefit me financially but gave me the exposure, discipline and patience to work under different circumstances,” she said.

Getting the opportunity to work in an agile environment and doing things she enjoys is one of the greatest things she appreciates at her workplace, she added.

“My plans are to take on exciting positions within the company that will mean growth, charity work and travel more often.”

About Dishena

Born and raised in the capital city, Dishena completed her primary and secondary education in Windhoek and completed tertiary education at Pearson University in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I am a few of the lucky ones who started my career as an articles clerk at PWC. This gave me the exposure many could only dream of,” she said.

When she is not consumed by her work, she enjoys building knowledge and exploring her environment by reading and travelling.