A true calling

Queen Pieter
My name is Queen Pieter.

I am in my final year of communication studies at the Namibia University of Science and Technology.

Additionally, I am also a presenter at Namibia Media Holdings.

I currently present a show called Smell the Coffee as well as Blitsfokus.

Smell the Coffee is a morning breakfast show that airs on all NMH Facebook platforms and on Network Television Channel (NTV).

The show can be described as a mix of informative news and entertainment, while viewers enjoy their daily dose of coffee.

Blitsfokus is a show where we talk about the latest edition of The Zone and give viewers a glimpse into the diversity of Afrikaans culture in Namibia.

There is usually a prominent guest, who was either profiled in The Zone or selected by the team.

Many opportunities

Communication as a field of study is fascinating. It is broad and gives you a variety of career choices you can venture into. With communication, you really understand the depth of communicating to different kinds of audiences, which is something very important to master.

I chose this field because it aligns with what I'm called to do.

The Covid-19 pandemic really was one big whirlwind.

One of the challenges I faced during the pandemic was the impact it had on our mode of learning and class interactions – it was such a big change.

However, the communication course is not so daunting; one just needs to be disciplined and focused.

A worthwhile journey

I've had a lot of successes over the last three years.

These included not only good grades but also opportunities that opened many doors for me.

One of them is, as mentioned earlier, my work as a presenter at Namibia Media Holdings.

It all started with me pushing myself out of my comfort zone, which has led me to a great place indeed.

The bachelor of communication degree is a very relevant field, and the market is not saturated, which is a great thing.

You are not limited to one or two career choices. There will always be a need for communication experts and professionals, which is why this is a great journey to embark on.