‘Banger drums’ rocks the stage

Toivo Paulus, also known as ‘Banger Drums’, is a vibrant musician dedicated to entertaining and uplifting audiences with his dynamic performances. At 26, he is committed to fostering the talents of young Namibian artists while continuing to hone his own skills and make his mark in the country’s music scene.

With a passion for creating timeless music, Toivo embraces the spontaneity of live performance. He understands the importance of connecting with his audience, seamlessly adjusting his set to suit the vibe of the crowd.

Armed with energy, confidence and a keen sense of composure, Toivo brings a captivating presence to every stage he graces.

While he has no special pre-show rituals, Toivo prioritises rehearsals and staying organised to ensure a polished performance. True to himself and armed with a killer outfit, Toivo is always ready to rock the stage, leaving audiences spellbound with his infectious beats and magnetic presence.