Breaking records and building gees!

Inter-house athletics to remember
The highly anticipated inter-house athletics took place from 31 January to 5 February.
Francois Malan
Windhoek High School's inter-house athletics took place from 31 January to 5 February. The three teams - Kanniedood, Swarthaak and Wag-n-Bietjie - competed valiantly throughout the entire event. Firstly, the netball and hockey games kicked off the season, with learners from each team giving it their all. The day ended with exciting games where the teachers played against the seniors.

The fun continued with the under-19 hockey girls, who ran the 5 000-metre race against the under-19 netball girls. Additionally, the under-19 hockey boys competed in the 5 000m against the under-19 rugby boys.

Friday, 2 February, was the most culturally significant day, as the teams walked from Vegkop Stadium to Robert Mugabe Avenue to prepare for the stretcher relay. Full of gees, learners sang their way back through Independence Avenue to school grounds for the Big Brag. This was followed by the swimming gala, where each team's learners were transported in a huge truck. Unfortunately, right before the opening ceremony, it started raining heavily and the event had to be postponed to the following morning.

On 3 February, Mr Hector Hein started the proceedings with scripture reading and prayer, followed by each team's dancing. The athletics items continued up until 5 February and the results came in.

Kanniedood took first place in all three categories: Gees, décor and the overall athletics.