Creating opportunities

St George’s forging its own way
Founded in 1919, St George’s Diocesan is one of the oldest schools in existence in Windhoek. Strongly rooted in the Christian faith, the school was founded by the late arch deacon, Nelson Wesley Fogarty, with only 27 learners who marked its humble start. Now, there are over 800 learners at the school.

Going from strength to strength, St George’s has cemented a unique culture via its collaboration with international schools through the Round Square Organisation. The organisation boasts over 230 schools in over 50 countries, with a select few learners at the school who proudly wear their white blazers. Learners can only don these special blazers once they have successfully completed challenges assigned to them.

These challenges make up six pillars, which are: Internationalism – a total of 100 hours have to be completed by attending regional conferences, and this also includes competing in junior debating competitions. Under internationalism, learners are also expected to partake in international exchange programmes, where another 50 hours have to be completed. Included in the six pillars are the sense of adventure where a learner must have attended all grade outings from grade eight to 11.

Throughout the course of their high school career, learners hoping to obtain white blazers have to take part in environmental activities where a total of 100 hours has to be completed as well. Another of the six pillars is service to Round Square, where 100 hours have to be spent on the cause. Leadership is also an important aspect, with learners expected to be in an official leadership position, which includes being a part of the students’ representative council, a captain or a library monitor.

Lastly, the democracy pillar can only be achieved once all the learner has collected all the other badges in the other five pillars.

In 2019, St George’s hosted its centenary celebrations. This was the celebrations of the school’s 100th anniversary, making the school 103 years old to date.

St George’s continues to grow its opportunities, with various projects for learners as well as the school itself. It is currently looking at developing the school by including a middle school, which will be from grade six to eight, entering a new phase of development and growth.