Embracing the virtual classroom

Catie Weinrebe
The world is gradually moving further into the digital sphere, and International School of Walvis Bay (ISWB) Digital stands out as an example of how traditional education can evolve and improve.

ISWB Digital, a Cambridge online school established in 2021, leads the way in transforming education through its modern online learning strategies.

While the idea of an online school might create images of isolated learners studying in front of computer screens, the reality is far more dynamic and captivating. The online school brings together learners from all across Namibia sharing a learning experience unique to the 21st century.

The virtual learning environment at ISWB offers learners the space and flexibility to not only excel academically, but also enhance essential life skills.

Learner George Louw said: "ISWB grants a much larger opportunity to develop and grow non-academic life skills, such as self-discipline and communication. These skills can have a positive effect for the rest of your life".

According to Simoné Vermeulen, being an online learner teaches you to be responsible and work independently. “I find it convenient because I can do my work according to my own schedule.”

With a focus on self-discipline, time management and effective communication, learners are preparing themselves for a successful future that extends far beyond the boundaries of a classroom.

The heart and soul of any educational institution are its teachers, and ISWB takes immense pride in the exceptional educators who make a difference in the lives of their learners every day.

Luischen Sirakis, a dedicated educator at ISWB, reflects on her journey into online teaching, saying: “I started seriously teaching online when schools were forced to close in 2020. At first, I thought I loved it because the learners were known to me. But when I started teaching kids I only met online, I knew it was more than that. I realised that the kids online were as special as the ones in my class. Even though online teaching is far more time-consuming, it takes hours to set up worksheets, make videos and mark online, it is as fulfilling as teaching in class.

"My learners bring so much joy and fulfilment into my life, and I will forever be thankful I have this opportunity to be a small part of their lives."

ISWB's online school is empowering learners to reach for the stars and proving that the future of education is limitless.