Focused on excellence

Ora Et Labora
Junior Kapofi
Junior Kapofi

Located in Khomasdal, M.H. Greeff Primary School strives to be a school of excellence.

The school was opened on 9 October 1936, and was named after Martin Hermanus Greeff. George Kandetu is its current principal.

The school has been in existence for more than 80 years and continues to provide top-notch education to learners.

The school’s motto is Ora Et Labora, which is a Latin phrase meaning ‘We Pray and Work’.

Faith is a core value of the school.

Other values include being loyal, respectful and successful, as well as being tolerant of all the Namibia’s cultural diversity and taking care of the environment.

The school’s mission is to provide high-quality education at all times as well as provide good moral examples to learners, in addition to fostering a good working relationship with parents and ensuring a safe and secure environment at school.

The school is not all about education; they also make sure to involve learners in extracurricular activities such as the netball club, which students can join to explore their very sporty side.

The school also offers cricket and soccer as sports for students to join.

In addition, the school hosts a drama club where learners can express their more artistic side, not forgetting the cheerleaders that always lead the school’s annual Fun Walk, where all the parents, learners, and teachers come together at the school for great fun.

The school’s drama club usually leads celebrations of special days such as Independence Day, Heroes Day, or performs Christmas plays.

M.H. Greeff Primary School recently opened a pre-primary school, which allows learners to prepare for grade one.