ISWB’s 2023 athletics season

Cobras versus Scorpions
Teniell Sowden
On 16 September, the learners of International School of Walvis Bay (ISWB) gathered on the sports grounds of Walvis Bay Private School in the early hours of the morning. As the dawn broke and the first rays of sunlight greeted the enthusiastic crowd, the opening ceremony began.

This year, the Scorpions ruled the seven seas with the theme of pirates, while the Cobras were at war for the win as the military. The Year 9 spirit leaders, along with Mrs Profyjt and Mrs Theron, spent many hours of the week leading up to the event perfecting the dances and acts for the opening and ensuring that everything went smoothly.

The Scorpions walked in with class accompanied by a red Ford Mustang, while the Cobras rolled in with style on a green Land Rover. The energy radiating from the crowd as the learners cheered for their teams was exhilarating!

Enlivened by their collective energy, the learners were now ready to go into the competition to not only reach personal achievements, but also to gather points for their respective teams. A certain number of points is earned and awarded to an athlete’s team if they place anywhere between first and sixth place.

Every athlete had a chance to showcase their abilities while their teams supported them and instilled them with confidence. We saw talent on the track with sprinting and long-distance running, high jumping and long jumping achievements, which threatened our understanding of gravity, and shot put balls, discusses and javelins that seemed to act as leaves cruising through the air on a spring breeze.

As the event was nearing its end, an unanticipated team of athletes made their debut on the track. A relay team that would make The Flash look like he’s running in slow motion, would make a cheetah look like a children’s toy and would make Usain Bolt old news. This spectacular team was composed of none other than the teachers of ISWB. Not only are they star teachers, but they are also secretly track stars!

As it reached mid-afternoon, the athletics day had officially come to an end. Despite the tiredness from all the energy expended on activities, the learners and teachers went home feeling joyous after a day full of excitement.

However, it seems as though some people forgot their voices on the pavilion from getting carried away by cheering! Oh well, it’ll find its way back to them in due time.

A big thank you to every party involved who made ISWB’s 2023 athletics day such a great success.