IYF Namibia hosts Korean Day

A celebration of culture and transformation
Ingrid Booysen
In a spectacular display of cultural exchange and transformation, the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Namibia recently hosted a vibrant 'Korean Day' event at Windhoek High School in the capital.

The event, featuring specialty lecturer Seung Deong Baek, hailing from South Korea, brought together nearly 200 attendees eager to explore the rich Korean culture.

Cultural exchange, as emphasised by IYF Namibia, not only broadens individuals' perspectives, but also fosters a strong understanding of diversity and positive relationships with others. It serves as a channel for participants to acquire new skills and knowledge while breaking down barriers of communication and understanding.

The event's programme was designed to provide a holistic experience of South Korean culture. It commenced with a mindset education session, where attendees delved into the transformative journey that South Korea has undertaken over the years.

Seung underscored the pivotal role of change in shaping their world. South Korea's transformation was marked by the 'Samaeul movement', initiated in 1969, which spurred urbanisation and industrialisation, propelling the nation from poverty to its current status as one of the world's strongest countries.

For a brief period during the event, participants had the opportunity to learn basic Korean phrases, opening a window to the language and culture of South Korea. The event concluded with a grand finale, featuring a captivating K-pop song and dance performance by the IYF team. Attendees were also encouraged to showcase their talents on the open stage, fostering an environment of shared creativity and celebration.

The Korean Day event served as a testament to the power of cultural exchange and the transformative effects of a change in mindset. By providing a platform for Namibians to learn about South Korea's journey and culture, the event undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the participants, encouraging them to embrace change, diversity and the boundless opportunities they can bring.