Joyce Swartz is set to take Namibia Breweries to new heights

Transformational management
Phillipus Josef
Technology is a rapidly evolving industry that requires innovation and adaptability to stay ahead of the curve. In Namibia, the brewing industry is a key player within the fast-moving consumer goods sector.

Joyce Swartz is the newly appointed digital and technology director at Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), tasked with driving the delivery of the company's technology ambitions to become the best-connected brewer in the industry.

Swartz's management style is transformational, focusing on motivating our employees to achieve their goals and deliver on the organisation's ambitions. She firmly believes in pushing employees out of their comfort zones and stretching them to think big beyond their day-to-day tasks.


Swartz's short-term goal is to deliver on NBL's key strategic priorities for 2024, which include establishing a fully-fledged digital and technology team.

Swartz views her job as unique and enjoyable because it presents exciting challenges that push her to grow both personally and professionally.

Her career growth is greatly enhanced by her appointment, as it allows her to gain exposure to diverse, multicultural working environments.

"This has helped me broaden my worldview while facilitating the generation of unique ideas and approaches to problem solving," she said.


She encouraged the Namibian youth to "find what you are passionate about and commit to accomplishing your dreams one step at a time."

Among her achievements, she highlighted being awarded the Salesforce Disruptor Award.

“This award recognises teams that are innovative and industry disruptors ahead of their competitors."

One of the specific challenges she has encountered in her career is a lack of experience and talent shortages that can create execution bottlenecks within the industry, especially in Namibia. Whether it's cloud architects, data scientists, or cyber security engineers, companies are competing for the talent to staff their programmes.

To overcome this challenge, organisations must invest significant effort to retain high performers through various means, such as driving culture change, supporting hybrid work, and promoting lifelong learning, Swartz said.

As a manager, she empowers her team to ensure quality work by setting clear goals and objectives.

"When everyone understands where we are going and how to get there, we all work towards executing at the highest standards expected," she stated.

Outside of work, her hobbies include reading, jogging, walking, organising social events with family and friends, and enjoying outdoor activities like camping.