Living up to the medicine dream

Uakasuva Black
I am Uakasuva Black, a first-year student at one of the top higher learning institutions in Africa, ranked 16 out of 100 - the University of Namibia (Unam). I have always wanted to be a part of the university, studying something within the field of medicine, and I am currently pursuing a bachelor of science in microbiology.

I have always had a dream to study medicine, but I did not obtain enough points to get into the school of medicine. However, this did not mark the end of my journey. I am a firm believer in going after your dreams, and that is why I chose my current course. Once I graduate, I can then go into medicine and further my dream.

This is obviously a longer route, but through perseverance, hard work and God, all will be possible. I would like you to take a look at the journey I am taking and remind yourself that you can do it regardless of what people say. Set your dream and go for it.


Nothing comes easy, as there are always obstacles. Challenges in this course include the amount of work I constantly have to go through. It’s really not an easy transition from high school to university; although we were told advanced subsidiary level would prepare us for university, it really didn’t do much. We have to get used to a new system of qualifying for exams, which can be intense at times.


I have met some amazing people in university who will potentially help groom me into an amazing individual. I love the sense of independence I get from being in university. I’m studying in my favourite field, so I enjoy what I am doing - regardless of all the above-mentioned challenges. There are also many opportunities university offers besides the academic part, such as sports and chances to work with individuals who help you build your brand.