Making sure the future is taken care of

Rob Youth Foundation donates goods to Dagbreek Resource School
Brian Munango
Learners from Dagbreek Resource School were very happy on 12 August, celebrated as International Youth Day, when the education and the Rob Youth Foundation visited the school to hand over goods worth around N$30 000 to its 140 learners.

The foundation donated healthcare packages and food items to the learners of the school.

Robert Maseka, managing director of the Rob Youth Foundation, said: “This day marks our official lunch of nationwide sanitary pad, toiletry and food distribution campaign, but most importantly, it marks a countrywide commemoration of International Youth Day.

“We believe in playing our part to make each other better equipped to attend school. It is of extreme importance that throughout our drive, no one feels left out and that everyone understands the value of a good education.”

The foundation was established in 2019 to address social economic challenges faced by in- and out-of-school youth in the country. In partnership with the ministry, the foundation will embark on the national distribution of sanitary pads, toiletries, and food items to all 14 regions in the weeks to come.

Paulus Nghikembua, the director of the Khomas directorate of education, arts and culture, said “it is our moral responsibility to take care of and uplift one another, in order to achieve the ministry’s mission of providing accessible, equitable and inclusive quality education.”

Thakeesa Lombaard, a learner at Dagbreek Resource School, added “we are grateful for your support”.

“The school means a lot to me. We feel we are loved here and we learn a lot, including languages, sports and on-site job training.”