Nurturing excellence in Namibian agriculture

Junior Kapofi
In the heart of Namibia's agricultural landscape, the Neudamm Campus Farm, a proud part of the University of Namibia (Unam), has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in animal husbandry and agricultural education.

The farm made its mark on the Windhoek Agricultural and Industrial Show in 2019 and returned in 2023 with an even more impressive display of top-tier animals, securing multiple accolades across various categories.

A legacy of excellence

Under the leadership of farm manager Edmond Beukes, the Neudamm Campus Farm has become a symbol of supremacy in animal husbandry.

On their achievements, Beukes radiated pride, saying: "From the agility of our goats to the sheer strength of our bulls, our livestock symbolises supremacy. This supremacy mirrors the relentless dedication and meticulous care poured into every animal at the Neudamm Campus Farm".

This commitment to excellence extends far beyond the accolades received at agricultural shows. The farm's goal is to create a learning environment where students can immerse themselves in the realm of high-quality animal breeds, instilling in them the essence of commercial farming and acquainting them with farming best practices, he said.

Consistent track record

This vision is echoed by Professor Ndeyapo Nickanor, the executive dean of the faculty of agriculture, engineering and natural sciences at the Unam.

She emphasised the strategic allocation of considerable resources into the farm's operations, underscoring the intent to provide students with a hands-on experience that prepares them for the real world of agriculture.

Nickanor commented: "Earning accolades at an agricultural show amid competition from dedicated, full-time farmers truly underscores the commitment of our animal caretakers".

The awards garnered by the Neudamm Campus Farm are not sporadic occurrences. Its consistent track record of excellence at various national shows highlights its commitment to the highest standards in animal husbandry.

Furthermore, the high demand for the farm's animals at annual auctions, attended by Namibian farmers from both near and far, speaks volumes about the quality of the livestock produced.

The Neudamm Campus Farm stands as a testament to the perfect blend of academic excellence and hands-on expertise. Its commitment to raising the bar in agriculture education and animal husbandry is not only recognised locally, but has the potential to impact the broader agricultural community in Namibia.