Star teacher

Arlete Sambiliye
When did your journey start as a teacher? I started my teaching career in 2019.

Which subjects and grades do you teach? I am an English teacher for learners in grades eight to 10. However, while I was teaching in Otjiwarongo, I taught grades nine to 12.

Was teaching always something you wanted to do? Yes, the thought of imparting knowledge and moulding individuals is my idea of changing the world.

What is the most challenging thing about being a teacher? In my experience, it would be working with learners who do not see the value of education.

What do you love about your profession? I love the act of teaching itself, but I also love engaging with learners outside the classroom and forming bonds with them.

What would you be if you didn’t become a teacher? I would have probably been a psychologist or social worker.

What keeps you motivated and inspired to keep teaching? The fact that I know that I have the ability to get through to even the most resistant child.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Reading, watching series, and spending time with friends.

What is the greatest thing you have ever achieved? I would definitely say it has to be the fact that I am continuously working towards a life that’s different from the one I grew up in. Do you have any motivation for prospective teachers? Generally, working with people is no easy task, but it’s even more difficult dealing with learners as they still have a lot of growing and developing to do, so the job requires much patience and understanding. However, this should not discourage you if being an educator has always been a dream of yours, as the rewards outweigh the difficulties you might encounter. Knowing that you’ve imparted knowledge that can’t be erased and played a role in someone’s success is bliss that I can’t put into words.