Thrilling victories at Build It U-13 schools tourney

School's show outstanding support
The tournament featured 16 schools competing for titles.
Mariud Ngula
The Built It Under-13 School Soccer and Netball Tournament, which took place over the weekend at A.I. Steenkamp Sports Field, was a captivating event where young talents showcased their skills while their schools cheered them on.

The tournament also featured an enticing prize: N$15 000 worth of building materials for the best-supporting school.

The tournament featured 16 schools competing for the titles, with eight in each sport code. In the race for the overall titles, only two schools had a chance. Gammas Primary School proved worthy of netball bragging rights by defeating Bethold Primary School 8-7 in the finals. Gammas’ renowned Metarere Tjikuro dazzled her way to victory, securing the woman of the match crown.

Gammas' under-13 head coach, Ilona Tuaandi, expressed her excitement, saying: "We were aiming to win the prize for the most supportive team, but we're thrilled with the overall title regardless.”

A bright future

Despite the loss, Bethold supporters did not leave empty-handed, as their unwavering support earned them a consolation package of N$15 000 worth of building material.

In another thrilling showdown, the hosts could not let the trophy leave the premises. They took centre stage with a thrilling display of soccer prowess, beating Auas Primary School 2-0, to claim the overall title.

Rodney Claassen of Steenkamp's skills sparkled throughout the competition, netting a brilliant brace that not only clinched victory but also earned him the coveted man of the match title.

Steenkamp’s under-13 head coach, Soul Horaseb, said: “The boys’ win was on point as it exceeded expectations. We only had two defeats and one draw. The players each received a ball, a travelling bag and gold medals, in addition to the trophy and full kit sponsored by Build It. This win automatically makes us qualifiers for next year’s tournament, with Bethold, who will be hosting, winning the best-supporter’s prize, and Gammas, who took the netball title.”