Vox Pop

The My Zone team attended the Napso winter sport games and spoke to some of the participants from various schools on how it went for them.
Louisa Oberholster

My expectations were that everyone gives their best. Our strategy is to always pray before a match. We don’t know what to expect from the teams, so we give our best.

Bianca Brockman

The matches went well, we won some of them. We made a few mistakes, but we fixed it and we worked well together as a team. I motivate my team members by encouraging them. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes as long as you fix them.

Kevin Mostert

I feel good about our matches. We are a strong team and we have good team work. I’m confident that we can beat our opponents.

Derrick Labuschagne

Our preparations are to always work together beforehand and play around with the ball. Our goalie is on point and our strategy is to not lose.

Ronald Fourie

Our matches went well. We won and lost a few. Some matches did not go well because we had a few injuries on the team. Because we are a new team, we made a few mistakes. This year is my first Napso event and I enjoyed it.

Joy Lewis

Our matches were tough and the best team won and it was unfortunately not us. We made a few mistakes that our opponents learnt from. It all starts with our warm-ups. I am really enjoying the Napso winter sports as it is my favourite part of the school calendar.